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Countertop Grill Parts

We at Sears PartsDirect offer all the replacement parts you'll need for gas grills. Enter your model number into the search bar to find the precise model you have. If you don't have the model number handy, you can also browse by category and brand to find the parts to repair your grill.

Frequent issues with gas grills

Are you having issues with your gas grill? If individual burners do not light, it may be due to a clog inside the burner tubes. Small bugs, debris or cooking grease may get into the burner tube and restrict the flow of gas. Clean the tubes to make sure that they are clear. If it has an electric ignition, check to make sure the wires aren't loose or broken and repair any if necessary.

When the burners light but the flames are weaker than expected and you've ruled out an issue with the tubes, make sure that gas is flowing from the tank. If gas is not flowing through the regulator, it may need to be replaced.

Five common parts on gas grills that break down

  1. Burner tube: The burner tube is the part from which the flames burn. If it has become bent or kinked, it may be possible to straighten it out. However, if there are any holes in the burner tube other than the gas ports or there is any rust on the tube, replace it.
  2. Ignition module: This module is responsible for igniting the gas to create the flames. If gas is flowing properly but the flames do not ignite, it could be due to the ignition module, which will need to be replaced.
  3. Gas pressure regulator: The pressure regulator ensures that the gas pressure going to the burners isn't overly strong. If you suspect a regulator issue, you can reset it by detaching it for 60 seconds and then reconnecting it. If gas still does not flow through the regulator, it will need to be replaced.
  4. Gas manifold: This manifold connects the gas tubing from the regulator to the individual gas burners. If the burners are weak or don't light and other causes have been ruled out, replace the manifold.
  5. Flame tamer: The flame tamer evenly distributes the heat from the burner and protects it from grease and other possible debris. If it's rusted or broken, consider getting a new one.

Ordering replacement parts for your gas grill

Customer service is the highest priority for us. You can order confidently knowing that each part is a genuine replacement part from the original manufacturer. Each part is guaranteed to fit and is backed by a generous return policy. We are committed to your satisfaction.