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Coffee Maker Parts

It can be quite disconcerting when you want to make a cup of coffee and your coffee maker suddenly isn't performing as expected. We at Sears PartsDirect can help you find the part you need to get your coffee maker working again.

Here are some common solutions to get your coffee maker working again

  • If your coffee maker will not turn on, try plugging it into another outlet, look for any damage to the wiring or check to see if a fuse is blown.
  • If your coffee is brewing slowly, try cleaning the valve. Make sure you have unplugged the coffee maker first. If you can see the clog, try to forcibly spray water into the fill area of the coffee maker to push the clog out, or use a small item like a pipe cleaner to push the clog through.
  • If your tubes are clogged with calcium, pour vinegar into the water reservoir and run it through the coffee maker. Then, run water through the coffee maker twice to make sure all of the vinegar has been removed.
  • If your coffee maker is leaking, look to see if it is perhaps from excessive steam or if there is an actual leak. The next step is to check the tubing to make sure none of the tubes are loose.
  • If you are hearing sounds that your coffee maker does not normally make, check the tubes for a clog, largely ground pieces of coffee bean or a buildup of calcium. Those are the main causes of unusual noises.

The following are parts that are commonly replaced

  • Power switch—The power button provides electricity to the heating unit and pump. If your coffee maker is not turning on, then the power switch may need to be replaced.
  • Heating element—The heating element is the part that heats up water in your coffee maker so that you can enjoy hot coffee. An element may be faulty if your coffee is not hot after brewing.
  • Warming element—The warming element keeps your coffee warm after it has been brewed. This is one of the most common parts to go bad due to a coffee maker being left on for long periods of time.
  • Thermostat—The thermostat controls the electricity to operate the heating element. If your water isn’t getting hot, then the thermostat may need to be replaced.
  • Heating plate—The heating plate disperses water above the coffee basket and is known to sometimes break.

Trust Sears PartsDirect when you need to repair your coffee maker

Simply type your coffee maker model number or part number into the search bar at the top of the page to find the products you need, or search for parts by categories and brands. At Sears PartsDirect, we stand behind our products by offering genuine parts and a fit guarantee.