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Chopper Parts

Food choppers contain many moving parts that can wear out over time and with repeated use. Occasionally, you may encounter some problems but may be able to fix the problem yourself with replacement parts from Sears PartsDirect.

A common food chopper problem and related parts

Here are a few ways to troubleshoot a chopper that won’t start, which is one of the most common problems you might experience.

If your chopper will not start, you should check these areas or parts:

  • First, check the power cord and replace the cord if it’s damaged or frayed. Make sure the outlet works. Reset the house circuit breaker for the outlet if the outlet is dead.
  • The bowl and lid must properly line up and be locked in place. The food chopper will not start unless both click into a locked position.
  • Check the blade to make sure it is set properly in the chopper. Pieces of food or debris can interfere with the blade’s proper positioning.
  • Examine your chopper unit for a safety switch. If you locate one, something may be activating it to override the power source and not allowing your machine to run. Look for anything interfering with blade rotation.
  • If your chopper stops and will not restart, try unplugging your unit for 15 minutes before attempting to restart.
  • In the event your chopper still will not work after 15 minutes, try cleaning the vents as they may be clogged. Running your chopper with dirty or clogged vents will lead to the motor burning out. Consider replacing the motor if this happens.

Suggestions for keeping your food chopper in good working condition

Keep your chopper’s parts in working condition with these tips:

  • Chop fruits and vegetables down to size before placing them in your chopper.
  • Remove small seeds that can wedge themselves into gears or between the blade.
  • When using the puree setting, make sure the correct amount of liquid is in the bowl. Using short pulses, finely chop your food product. Add up to a quarter cup of liquid at a time until food is pureed. The motor can burn out if too little liquid is added. Replace the motor assembly if necessary.
  • Cleaning your machine thoroughly after every use is key to keeping the parts in good condition. Use care handling the blade as it is very sharp.
  • Unpleasant odors often go away when washed with baking soda and water. If they do not, you may need to replace the bowl or lid.

Obtain chopper parts

When searching to replace your worn or damaged chopper parts, you can shop confidently knowing you'll be getting genuine manufacturer replacement parts here at Sears PartsDirect. If you have the exact chopper model, use the search box at the top of the page to locate a replacement part. If you’re not sure of your model number, search by the chopper manufacturer to find the right part.

Parts are available for popular models including Black & Decker, Kenmore and Craftsman. Sears PartsDirect has many replacement parts for your chopper, including bowls, blade assembly and many more. We aim to offer quality customer service on every purchase.