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Chainsaw Parts

Chainsaw Parts

Chainsaws have a lot of moving parts in a very small area. If any of them don’t function properly, it could render your entire chainsaw inoperable.

How can chainsaws break down?

Inside the engine housing, the chain is spun along the guide bar at incredibly high speeds. Some powerful chainsaws can reach speeds of 3,000 rpm. When you factor in the speed, high engine temperatures and wood pulp getting under the cover, it’s easy to see how your chainsaw's functionality could be compromised.

Before each use, you’ll want to check a few parts of your chainsaw to ensure it’s ready for cutting. Make sure that the guide bar is firmly in place and that the chain is at the proper tension. A loose guide bar will not safely handle the chain speed. Also, use the fuel mixture ratio that the manufacturer recommends so that the engine will run as efficiently as possible. With regular maintenance, a chainsaw can be expected to work reliably for several decades.

What are some common parts on a chainsaw?

  1. Guide bar–The guide bar is the bar that the chain travels along. The guide bar is removable on most saws, allowing you to use bars of different lengths depending on the situation. This should always be tightened securely in place so that the cutting chain stays secured.
  2. Cutting chain–The cutting chain can have dozens of sharp teeth, and it travels along the guide bar at high speeds. The teeth can be sharpened with a file or replaced entirely. Sharp teeth cut much more efficiently, which means the engine doesn’t have to work as hard.
  3. Front hand guard–Also known as the chain brake, the hand guard can be pushed forward to immediately stop the chain from spinning, especially in emergency situations. To allow the chain to spin again, the hand guard can be pulled back toward the engine.
  4. Trigger–The trigger variably controls the speed of the cutting chain.
  5. Safety switch–The switch is also known as the safety throttle. To engage the cutting chain, the safety switch and trigger need to be squeezed together. This prevents the chain from accidentally spinning.

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