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Cement Mixer Parts

Cement mixers require proper cleaning and service due to the many moving parts that are constantly rotating. The utility cement mixer consists of a main mixing bin that spins as the concrete material is added to it. Then, the mixed product is manually dumped onto the surface to be leveled and fixed into the proper molds.

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A cement mixer can break for many different reasons, including too much weight bearing down on the system. You may need to repair or replace a specific part if a problem arises.

Five common cement mixer parts that break

  1. Electric motor—The electric motor rotates and drives the belt that connects to the pulley and spins the mixer inside the bin. There are different sizes of motors that can handle varying amounts of load. An electric motor can burn up or stall if there is too much resistance on it.
  2. V-belt—This is the main belt that connects to the pulley that rotates the mixing mechanism inside the bin. The belt is driven by the motor and wraps around the drive pulley. It can break or crack because of too much stress.
  3. Dump lever—The dump lever is the handle that's manually pulled downward to release cement mix onto a workspace. The dump lever can have varying degrees of heavy loads on it, depending on the amount of mix that's in the bin. If too much leverage is placed on this bar, then it may bend or break.
  4. Drive shaft—This is the main shaft that drives the mixer, and it rotates the main mixer inside the bin. The drive shaft can break or malfunction depending on the mixture in the bin. If there's a large amount of resistance on the drive shaft, it can possibly break at the point of connection inside the mixer.
  5. Platform—The platform is the scaffolding and construction that holds the cement mixer up off the ground. The platform must withstand heavy amounts of weight, and it must be cleaned often, or excess cement will dry and harden to the structure. This can create additional problems that lead to breakage or failure of the platform.

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