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Can Opener Parts

Electric can openers are a helpful kitchen tool. However their small parts, like the wheels and the motor, can wear down with use. Although regular cleaning will help, there are times when a can opener will break down and require repairs or part replacements. Luckily, this appliance is not hard to fix.

Try these suggestions to help you get it working again

  • Monitor how the can opener’s switch is functioning. Remove the top and hold down on the lever to see if it connects to the switch.
  • If it seems that the issue is with the feed gear, try cleaning it or inspect it for damage.
  • Make sure the can opener is still plugged firmly into an outlet and that it is a working outlet.
  • If your can opener has a built-in grindstone, check to see if there is any debris that would be preventing it from working correctly.
  • Check to see if the motor is functioning properly. When the motor won’t run, unplug the can opener from the outlet and then open it up to see if the fuse has blown.

The most common can opener parts that can cause problems

  • Operating lever—This lever triggers a switch that turns the motor on to make the can opener work. Most of the time, the lever needs to be realigned, but for optimal performance, it may be best to get a new one.
  • Switch button—The switch turns the can opener on or off. If you see corroded contacts, try cleaning them. Otherwise, it might be time to get a new switch.
  • Cutter—This piece cuts the can open when the can begins rotating. Change out the cutter if it is broken or dull.
  • Feed gear—The feed gear is responsible for turning the can. If the feed gear stops working, you can try lubricating the gear to get it turning again. If it still does not work, you will need to put in a new gear that matches your current one.
  • Magnet—The magnet sticks to the lid while the can is rotating and will continue to hold it once the can opener has stopped so that you may remove the can. Magnets need to be replaced over time as they become weak in their grip.
  • Motor—The motor turns the feed gear to rotate the can. Install a new motor if it has become defective or has blown a fuse.

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