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Camcorder Parts

A camcorder is made up of many parts that make it possible to record live video or take still pictures. The lens is an essential part because it helps the camcorder see everything that you want to record. The microphone is another important part; it records sound so that you can have audio to go with your recorded video. If the lens, the microphone or another critical piece of the camcorder breaks, your camcorder will likely not function correctly.

Quick tips to fix your camcorder

  • Remove the battery and charge it to full power. You may need a new battery if it drains quickly while in use.
  • If you are having a problem with audio, try adjusting your manual audio setting or using a portable microphone.
  • If you notice specks of dust on the recorded image, then your lens is probably dusty and should be cleaned.
  • Try using a fur windscreen over your microphone if you are picking up too much wind noise in your recordings.
  • If you see a colored tint within your recorded image, clean the optical sensor to see if this fixes the issue.

Some camcorder parts that often need to be replaced

  • Lens—The lens can see all the visual images you want to record. Replace it if you see any cracks or damage.
  • Circuit board—This is the main power board that allows the camcorder to function. If your camcorder shuts off unexpectedly or you have trouble getting it to turn on, you may need a new circuit board.
  • Optical sensor—The optical sensor transforms light and turns it into the video picture. If a laser crossed through your lens while you were recording, then it may have burned the CMOS or CCD blocks, so you will need to replace the sensor.
  • Control panel of buttons—If one or more of your control buttons are not working correctly, try cleaning dust out of the control panel or consider getting the broken piece replaced.
  • RCA cables—The RCA cables allow you to connect the camcorder to playback devices such as a television. If it is not working, test the connection by using a different RCA cable. If the camcorder works with a different cable but not your existing one, then the cable will need to be replaced.

Popular camcorder models

Some popular camcorder models include Canon, Samsung and Sony. Sears PartsDirect carries parts for these brands as well as several others. If you know the model number of your camcorder, you can search on our website for the part you need. Sears PartsDirect is committed to customer satisfaction, and we have outstanding customer service representatives available to help you find the part you’re looking for.