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Cabinet Parts

Cabinets often experience a lot of wear and tear. From the doors being pulled too hard to the shelves being overloaded with too much weight, the anchors keeping the cabinets on the wall can give way, causing the cabinets to become damaged or fall off the wall completely.

Cabinet troubleshooting tips

Depending on the kind of damage your cabinet has sustained, you might need to replace the door hinges or handle, the mounting hardware, any sagging or broken shelving or possibly the entire cabinet.

Common ways to repair a cabinet

  • The first thing to notice is that the back panel is going to have grooves that the two side panels will slide into. Lay the back panel on a flat surface and, one at a time, slide each side panel into the groove.
  • With the sides and back assembled, you can next put on the bottom and top panel. They will connect to the side and back panel pieces with L-shaped brackets. Once everything is lined up, screw all the pieces together to secure the unit.
  • With the framework of the cabinet put together, the next step is to secure the doors. Depending on the model you have, there may be mirrors or glass that needs to be installed on the door frame. If that's the case, then there will be grooves in the frame pieces that will slide over the edges of the mirror or glass. The frame will either be secured with L-shaped brackets similar to the ones inside the cabinet or an adhesive that lines the groves on the door frame.
  • Next, install the hinge pieces on the doors and cabinet. With the hinges on, you can then secure the doors to the cabinet, but it will be easier to mount the cabinet to the wall first. If you're installing the cabinet in a spot not previously used, then first use a stud finder to locate the wall studs. If there are no studs, you can use anchors to secure the cabinet, but the size and weight capacity will be limited. Once the studs are located, drill pilot holes in the appropriate spots and screw in the mounting hardware.
  • With the cabinet on the wall, you can install the shelves and attach the doors. The shelves should slide into the pre-made slots in the side panels, and the doors can be secured with hinge pins.

Ordering cabinet parts from Sears PartsDirect

Finding the exact parts you need for your cabinet is as easy as going to the top of the screen and typing the model number of your cabinet into the search box. If you don’t have the model number handy, then you can search by item type or manufacturer. We at Sears PartsDirect strive to serve clients' needs by offering reliable cabinet parts and customer service that's only a click away.