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Brush Cutter Parts

Brush Cutter Parts

If you're having trouble getting your brush cutter to start or the engine isn't running smoothly, there could be a handful of reasons why. Brush cutters may have a small engine, but there are still a few things that can go wrong with them. Fortunately, the parts on a brush cutter can be repaired or replaced if they begin to malfunction.

Why isn't your brush cutter working?

A common issue is that a brush cutter takes a few tries to start or won't start at all. The first thing to check is the fuel. Fuel that has been stagnant for a month or more will begin to break down. If your cutter doesn't work with fresh fuel, then you'll want to check the spark plug. Replace the spark plug if it shows signs of rust or damage. If your brush cutter still does not start, then you will want to try rebuilding or replacing the carburetor.

Another problem could be that your brush cutter is leaking fuel. If it's leaking, identify where the leak is. If it's leaking from the tank or fuel line, those can be easily replaced. Fuel leaking from the carburetor may be due to a broken seal or a crack in the carburetor itself. You can rebuild or replace the carburetor if this is the case.

Some common brush cutter parts that may break down

  1. Spark plug—The spark plug uses an electric current to ignite the compressed fuel and air mixture inside the carburetor.
  2. Fuel line—The fuel line is a plastic tube that brings fuel from the tank to the carburetor. Over time, it can become hard and brittle, which may lead to cracking or breaking. If air gets in the fuel line, make sure to replace it so that air doesn't enter the carburetor and affect the engine's performance.
  3. Carburetor—The carburetor combines air and fuel into a combustible mixture that enters the cylinder and gets ignited by the spark plug. Old gas can clog the carburetor. Cleaning or replacing the carburetor is necessary when it gets clogged.
  4. Recoil starter rope—The recoil starter engages the engine by turning the crankshaft. If the rope does not recoil after pulling or it fails to start the engine, it will need to be replaced.
  5. Cutter head—The cutter head holds the bladel and is shielded against the operator by the debris shield. If the cutting head doesn't spin, it may need to be fixed or replaced.

Buying replacement parts for your brush cutter

With Sears PartsDirect, you can find any replacement part you need for your brush cutter. Each part is guaranteed to fit your brush cutter. At Sears PartsDirect, we back every sale with a generous return policy and are committed to providing only the highest level of customer service.