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Bath Part Parts

In most homes, a family of four will use the bathtub more than 1,400 times a year. With this much use, the tub and its fixtures will suffer much wear and tear over its life. At some point, you will need to repair or replace the tub and its fixtures. Broken tubs can leak water, causing mold to build up between the walls. It is crucial to make sure that any repairs are completed promptly when a problem arises. Whether you need to repair a chipped/cracked tub or repair the drain, you can easily do the needed work with right parts.

What are common problems with a bathtub?

  • The drain often needs to be repaired or cleaned due to debris or soap buildup. The trip lever works to control the stopper, and it is usually the part that needs replacement when you have draining issues.
  • A leaky faucet often needs to be repaired or replaced.
  • The diverter valve in a shower/tub combination is often a cause of leaks.
  • The bath wall often cracks or gets chipped, thus needing repair.
  • The bathtub surface can chip or crack.

What are critical parts of a bathtub?

  1. Shower wall—A shower wall is usually either fiberglass or acrylic, and it functions to keep water off the walls around your tub. A leaking shower wall can cause deterioration of the floor or subfloor under the tub. When replacing the shower wall, be sure to check the pipes as a leaking pipe can cause mold to build up behind the walls.
  1. Ventilation fan—The ventilation fan helps to pull steam and moisture out of the bathroom to protect the walls. The most important part of the fan is the motor. The blower wheel is also critical to its function.
  2. Tub faucet—When the faucet leaks, the cause is often a leaky seal. Replace any worn or cracked seals to prevent the faucet from leaking.
  3. Diverter valve—This valve functions to direct water to the shower head in a shower/tub combination.

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