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Air Compressor Parts

Air Compressor Parts

You fire up the air compressor, but there’s just one little problem: It's not working. What could be the issue? If you understand some common parts and issues that are associated with your compressor, you might be able to identify and fix any problems with a simple test of each part.

Five air compressor parts that might break

  1. Head gasket—The head gasket seals the pump assembly and allows for proper compression of the cylinder(s). The main issue with air compressors is that they leak air and are constantly having to build pressure back up. If you notice your compressor is constantly kicking on and there is no air hose leak or air hiss, check under the manifold for air leakage.
  2. Intake filter kit—The intake filter kit helps your compressor operate quietly and efficiently. Replace the intake filter if it’s damaged or it isn’t muffling compressor noise.
  3. Valve plate assembly—The valve plate controls airflow through the pump of an air compressor. Excess wear on the compressor valve plate can cause air flow problems in the pump. If you check your compressor and there are no air leaks, but the tool has low air pressure or power, then the air compression may be restricted by a faulty valve plate.
  4. Pressure regulator—The pressure regulator is controlled by adjusting a handle to set tank outlet air pressure. If your tank air supply is over-pressurizing tools, take a moment to check whether the pressure regulator is stuck.
  5. Manifold kit—The manifold kit is the combination of your pressure gauge, connection to the tank and hose couplings. There are many potential issues here in terms of air leakage. First, check that all of the connections are securely fashioned. If there is still leakage, you may need to replace the manifold.

Find your air compressor parts at Sears PartsDirect

You can do a simple search for your specific type of air compressor at Sears PartsDirect. Once you find your model of air compressor, you can see a list of all the parts that are specific to your unit. If you ever have any issues or questions, you can call Sears PartsDirect customer service and get free assistance. Also, all the parts that are sold on our site are guaranteed to fit properly.