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Toshiba Parts

Sitting down with the family or friends to enjoy some entertainment can be great fun until you find that one of the main components of your home theater system has stopped working. Between the audio and video equipment, there are a lot of little parts that can malfunction. The stereo speakers can blow out from pumping too much volume through them, the screen on the television can go dark, the HDMI cable can get a tear in it or that big projector screen can get a giant rip up the middle. Any one of these (or countless other potential hazards) will put a quick end to the planned entertainment. When the unforeseen does occur and a piece of your Toshiba home theater system goes on the fritz, you can get quality parts through Sears PartsDirect to make your DIY repairs and get back to the entertainment.

DIY repairs for your Toshiba audio and video components

  • When the sound cuts out on your audio system, there are a few possible causes. First, check all the cables to make sure there are no tears or rips. This is especially an important step if you have pets or children roaming around the house.
  • The next step is making sure the speaker wires are intact. If you take off the back of the speaker cabinet, it will expose the speaker connections. Check to make sure none of the wires are loose.
  • If the video on your screen suddenly goes out, it isn't always a problem with the television. HDMI and AV cables can fray or rip, meaning that they need to be replaced.
  • The loading mechanism for the DVD player can become misaligned, leading to a DVD getting stuck in your machine.
  • Televisions can suffer from the screen blacking out if some of the internal wiring connections have been jarred loose. Take the casing off and perform a visual inspection. If nothing looks amiss, you can check the electronics with a multimeter.
  • If you have an overhead projector, you might need to replace a bulb. Additionally, the lenses in the projector may become fogged up or unaligned, leading to a cloudy or blurry image.

Finding parts to repair your Toshiba products at Sears PartsDirect

Getting the parts to fix your Toshiba products is as simple as typing the model or part number into the search box at the top of the screen. However, if you don't have an identification number handy, you can still use the categories above to narrow your search query. Sears PartsDirect offers only genuine manufacturer replacement parts for your Toshiba products, and we have customer service representatives who are able to answer any questions or address any concerns.