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Toro Parts

If you're having issues with your Toro lawn mower, snow blower or brush cutter, the problem could be the result of a faulty part. A little bit of troubleshooting could help you determine which part you need.

Troubleshooting Toro equipment

If you take care of your equipment, it should last a long time. However, wear and tear can break down your parts. Replacements may be necessary to keep your equipment working properly. The following troubleshooting tips should help you remedy a lot of the common issues you'll encounter with your Toro equipment.

  1. Leaf blowers—If your Toro leaf blower isn't accelerating, examine the air filter. It may be clogged or dirty, or it may need replacement.
  2. Snow blowers—If your snow blower isn't working as it should, you might have a worn belt or a broken shear pin. The belt drive system turns the wheels on self-propelled snow blowers. This belt should be replaced if it's worn. The shear pin connects the auger to the shaft. The pin is designed to break off if the moving parts of the blower come in contact with foreign objects. If a shear pin breaks, it should be replaced.
  3. Brush cutters—If your brush cutter won't start, check the spark plug. If it's burned or damaged, replace it. If that's not the issue, check to see if the air filter is clogged. If these issues check out, you could have a bad or dirty carburetor.

DIY mower repair tips

If you have a push mower and it is having issues, the problem might be a simple one. Here are some DIY fixes you can try.

  1. Gas—Gasoline that has been sitting around in the mower's tank and gotten old will cause the mower not to start. Replace the old gas with a fresh tank.
  2. Spark plug—If your push mower is having problems starting, it could be a spark plug issue. Check to see if the spark plug is dirty. If it is, it may just need to be replaced.
  3. Air filter—Are you finding that your mower is losing power halfway through your mowing job? If this is the case, it could be caused by a dirty air filter. This is a cheap and easy replacement you can do yourself.

If you have a riding mower or a lawn tractor, issues with certain parts could cause your Toro to not function properly. Here are a few things to check.

  1. Fuel pump—The fuel pump is responsible for creating suction that takes gas in the gas tank and runs it to the carburetor. If the fuel pump isn't working, the mower is useless.
  2. Battery—If your mower is losing power while you use it, the battery could be to blame. It may just need a charge. If the battery is older than three years, you probably should replace it.
  3. Axle—If either axle is broken, it will be nearly impossible to steer your mower.
  4. Blades—Dull or broken blades aren't going to be very effective. If your blades are dull, you may notice ragged cuts while operating your Toro.

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