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Sanyo Parts

Sanyo has a variety of products available to both entertain and to take care of everyday tasks. Products such as stereos, refrigerators, vacuums and microwaves are all well-designed and highly reliable products; however, they can require repair from time to time. Everything from normal wear and tear to rare occurrences can break one or more of the intricate parts that comprise Sanyo products.

Some common issues that arise with Sanyo products

Here are some problems that can occur with Sanyo's appliances.

  • A common problem with stereo systems is the audio cutting out. The reason can lie in a blown speaker or frayed speaker wire. The problem could also be rooted in a loose or faulty cord or burnt-out circuitry inside the receiver.
  • Refrigerators will sometimes have pools of water build up underneath them that is caused by food and other debris getting caught in the defrost drain. This causes water to accumulate in the defrost hose and flow over.
  • If you are vacuuming near cords or string-like material, be careful not to let the brush roll pick it up. You can risk snapping the brush roll or belt by doing this.
  • Overuse or running a microwave with nothing in it can cause the magnetron to burn out. This is the piece that converts electrical energy into microwaves and will need to be replaced if broken.
  • If your DVD player is either not playing discs or skipping around, then, most likely, the laser lens is dirty or scratched.

Diagnosing vacuum cleaner issues

If your vacuum cleaner will not run, there are a few steps you can follow to diagnose the problem. First, make certain the vacuum cleaner is plugged in and turned on. This might sound obvious but is often overlooked. Also, test the outlet by plugging another electronic device into it. If the power cord checks out and you had been using the vacuum cleaner prior to its failure to turn on, look to see if it has an overload protector that trips when the motor overheats. Let the vacuum cool down for a while and then reset the overload if it tripped.

Finding repair parts online with Sears PartsDirect

Once you have diagnosed what has gone wrong with your Sanyo product, the next step is to get the parts to make your repair. You can type the model number of your Sanyo product into the search queue above, and you'll be taken to a listing of the available parts. In case you don't have the model number handy, there is a category listing above that you can browse instead. Sears PartsDirect offers only genuine repair parts for your Sanyo products, and our customer service agents are ready to assist you.