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Sansui Parts

Sansui has a bevy of household products, including a line of audio and video equipment such as receivers, speakers, turntables, amplifiers, VCR/DVD combos and televisions. They also carry microwaves. These pieces of equipment are electronically complex and can experience problems from regular use or misuse.

Is your Sansui equipment in need of repair?

Stereo components can be a complex issue because one piece could adversely affect another. This is the case if you turn the amplifier settings up too high in conjunction with the volume and blow out the speakers. Here are some examples of the more common problems.

  • Speakers—Speakers can blow out if they are subjected to extreme conditions as stated above, but they can also experience electronic problems not associated with the volume. If wires come loose or a transistor burns out, the speaker will become inoperative.
  • Amplifier—Amplifiers can overheat if they are used at excessive levels for a long period of time. The cut-off switch will kick on to save them from catastrophic damage.
  • Tape deck—The mechanism that plays the tape through the machine can easily become misaligned or dirty, which can harm the tape.
  • DVD player—The lens that reads the disc can become misaligned or dirty.
  • Television—Leaving a static image on the display too long will burn the image into the screen.

Diagnosing problems with your receiver

  • If your receiver doesn't turn on, the first thing to examine is the power cord behind the unit. Is it properly connected to the receiver and plugged in? Are there any tears or other damage?
  • If the cord is fine, the next step is to examine the receiver for signs of physical damage. Are the buttons intact? Is there physical damage to the case? Is there any sign of water damage?
  • Open the case and look for loose wires or anything else that seems out of place.
  • Use a multimeter to test each electronic component for connectivity.
  • The last thing to check is the transformer, which sits next to the power supply. Again, use the multimeter to test connectivity.

Sears PartsDirect has genuine Sansui replacement parts

Use our website to find whatever part you need to make repairs to your Sansui equipment. Locate the search box at the top of the screen and type in either the model or part number to see if the replacement part that you need is available. If you don't have a model or part number, use the category listing also located at the top of the screen to narrow down the search parameters. If you find yourself with questions or concerns about purchasing replacement parts for your Sansui equipment, we have customer service professionals available over the phone and online to assist you.