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Samsung Parts

With a guaranteed fit for all parts, Sears PartsDirect is a trusted source for Samsung parts. Conduct any specific component requests in our easy-to-use search tool to find any parts your Samsung washer needs to start draining water properly again. All you need is the model number for your appliance or the part number for the specific item you're looking for.

Fixing your Samsung appliance

Below are just some of the common issues you may encounter with Samsung appliances:

  1. Your Samsung dishwasher isn't cleaning your dishes properly. If this is the case, check the spray arms and filters.
  2. Your Samsung dryer won't tumble. Check the idler pulley assembly, which provides tension on the drum belt. This part rotates rapidly, and the constant friction can wear down the assembly over time, necessitating replacement.
  3. Your Samsung fridge is too loud. You may have a bad evaporator fan. Manually turn the fan blade and see if it's encountering friction or running poorly. If that's not the problem, you'll also want to check the condenser fan.

Repairing your Samsung washer

If you’re experiencing major issues like a washer not draining, follow this short guide to discover why your Samsung washer won’t drain water. Before looking at specific parts, be sure there are no kinks in your drain hoses. Also, ensure your washing machine is level. These simple problems are some examples that can cause a washer to not drain properly, but it can come down to faulty parts, such as the following.

Drain pump—The first part you might want to check is the drain pump, which is known to commonly fail in washers. The drain pump removes water from inside the washer through drain hoses. A telltale sign of a broken pump is an audible humming during the wash cycle. Before replacing, make certain that your pump is clean and free of debris and then try running the machine again. If it still fails to drain water, it may be time to replace your pump.

Lid switch—The lid switch is a safety sensor that detects the opening and closing of your washer’s lid. In some models, the lid switch only stops the basket from spinning when the lid is open. Other models will not fill with water without the lid being closed. If your lid switch is not operating appropriately, it may be the reason your washer will not drain between wash and spin cycles. Replace the lid switch for an inexpensive repair to a potentially expensive issue.

Water level pressure switch—The water level pressure switch on a washer detects the level of water within the washer basket. If your machine is underfilling, overfilling or underdraining water, your issue may be a faulty pressure switch.

Cycle selector—Your cycle selector is the “internal clock” of a washing machine. This timer controls the changing of one wash cycle to the next. If cycles are being skipped or are too long or too short or the washer is stopping altogether on a particular cycle, replace this component for optimal results.

Motherboard—Your motherboard, or main electronic control board, is the control switch of your washing machine. If your other parts are clean and in functioning order, replace the control board for proper function of some main components, including fill valves, drive motor and the aforementioned drain pump.

Ordering Samsung replacement parts

Sears PartsDirect carries all your Samsung replacement parts, including filters, ice makers, motors and more. You can simply enter your appliance's model number or part number into the search bar above to find the right replacement part for your product.

If you have any questions or concerns, know that our Sears PartsDirect staff members are always available to assist you via phone or online chat. The next time you need to find a replacement part, don't look any further than Sears PartsDirect.