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Kenmore Parts

Kenmore Parts

Appliances can break, and for some unknown reason, many of them break when they're needed the most. You may be given a warning when this is about to happen or your dishwasher could suddenly spring a leak. Even a small problem could lead to expensive damage, so it's wise to fix the problem as soon as possible.



DIY Kenmore troubleshooting tips

If your Kenmore dryer isn't receiving power, check the dryer wire harness. In Kenmore dryers, the wire harness provides power to the electrical components inside the machine.

If your Kenmore charcoal grill is leaking gas, this may be an issue with the venturi gasket. Many Kenmore grills have a venturi gasket located between the burner and the venturi tube, which creates a seal to prevent gas leaks. Check both the tube and the gasket.

If your Kenmore vacuum isn't cleaning your carpet well, check the roller assembly. It may be jammed, lodged with debris or damaged.

How to troubleshoot your leaking Kenmore dishwasher

Make sure the gasket around the door is in good condition with no frays or tears. Next, check the drain hoses. If these are worn, they'll need to be replaced. Even what appears to be a small crack could produce a big leak on your kitchen floor.

Here are some parts that often need to be repaired or replaced:

  • Door seal—The door seal keeps the water inside of the dishwasher. If it needs to be replaced, you'll see worn spots, cracks or obvious breakage.
  • Drain line—The drain line, or hose, could spring a leak and cause your dishwasher to leak when it's draining. Knowing at which point in the cycle the leak is occurring is a major clue as to which replacement part is needed.
  • Heating element—You'll notice this part may need to be replaced if your dishes aren't getting clean, if the water isn't heating or if there is no heat in the heated drying cycle.
  • Pump and motor assembly—If the easy fixes don’t work, your dishwasher may be leaking because there's a problem with the pump and motor assembly. The problem could be as simple as a leaking seal within the assembly, or you may need to replace the entire thing.

Find quality Kenmore parts at Sears PartsDirect

To find the parts you need, simply search by your Kenmore model number or the specific part number. You can be confident knowing that Sears PartsDirect sells genuine Kenmore parts that are guaranteed to fit. At Sears PartsDirect, we also offer a return policy, making the shopping process a breeze. Should you have any questions, know that our staff is available for assistance via phone or online chat.