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Ducane Parts

The furnace that keeps your house warm is a complex piece of machinery that has many parts that must work symmetrically for the unit to stay operational. Some furnaces can last as long as 30 years though the average lifespan is 15 to 20 years. However, somewhere during that period of time, parts may wear out and need replacing.


Some normal furnace problems

Problems that are commonly experienced over the lifetime of a furnace include the appliance not heating, making funny noises, experiencing intermittent operation and creating excessive dust. Here are some of the causes of these problems to help guide your DIY project.

Common causes of problems with your furnace

  • If your furnace isn't able to ignite, there are three different parts that are usually the problem. The first is the igniter, which has to glow orange to put off enough heat to light the fuel supply. Igniters can crack or corrode and will stop functioning. A visual inspection will tell you if the igniter needs replacing. The flame sensor tells the control board if the burners are producing a flame. The control board cuts off the gas valve if there's no flame to keep gas from building up in the furnace and causing an explosion or fire. If the sensor is broken, the control board won’t turn the gas valve on, and the furnace won’t ignite. The third part that commonly fails is the inducer. It regulates airflow into the furnace and will stall out the ignition process if it’s malfunctioning.
  • Loud noises from your furnace indicate a couple of problems. The blower wheel can become unaligned and wobbly if the set screw comes loose. The blower motor—which the blower wheel is part of—pushes heated air from the furnace through the vents and into your living areas. If the motor becomes damaged, warm air will barely be felt from the vents if at all.
  • Intermittent furnace operation has a few common explanations. The flame sensor might only be functioning irregularly. The control board can have a shorted-out transistor or diode, preventing it from turning on the igniter. The pressure switch located on the draft inducer may also be compromised.
  • The blower motor can become compromised if the control board has a short in it, a capacitor has blown out, loose nuts or bolts are getting in the way of the fan or some other internal component requires replacement.
  • Dirty or dusty air generally becomes an issue when the air filter needs replacing. Air filters are replaced at different intervals, depending on manufacturer specifications and other factors such as air quality.

Getting your Ducane parts from Sears PartsDirect

You can find parts for your Ducane furnace by keying the model number into the search box to access the parts list for your furnace. If you can’t find the model number, use the categories list to narrow down your search. Our customer service personnel are available by phone and online to assist you if you need help finding parts.