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Denon Parts

Denon makes home theater equipment that includes products such as DVD players, amplifiers, receivers, speakers and turntables, just to name a few. These components are made using many small parts that can malfunction when placed under the right conditions. Such conditions can be anything from normal wear and tear to excessive strain from high audio volumes and overuse.

Common problems with audio and video products

  • DVD player—If the disc you put into your DVD player won't play or skips around constantly, there are a couple possible causes. The disc could be scratched or dirty, or the lens that the laser uses to read the disc may be scratched or dirty.
  • Amplifier—Amplifier humming can be caused by the volume control if the humming changes with volume change. If it remains constant, the problem might be a loose connection or an ungrounded circuit in one of the components.
  • Receiver—If the receiver won't turn on, the problem could be that the switch is broken, the power cord is unplugged or there's an electrical problem on the circuit board.
  • Speaker—Speaker problems commonly come about from playing music at excessive volumes. Blown-out speakers will have tears in the rubber lining, and/or the electrical connectivity will be interrupted.
  • Turntable—If the turntable is playing at variable speeds, it may be due to an uneven playing surface or the bearing needing to be oiled.

Diagnosing Denon stereo malfunctions

If your stereo system isn't putting out any sound, there are a few things to examine. First, make sure that you've selected the right input and speakers on the receiver settings. The instruction manual can help you figure this out. If all the settings are correct, examine all the cords and wires behind the system. Make sure everything is connected properly and that there's no damage or frayed wires. Next, take off the grill and examine the speaker for physical damage. Open up the case and run a 9-volt battery over the leads. If there's no popping sound, the electronic connection has been severed. Next, examine the receiver for any signs of physical or water damage, and then open up the case and make a visual inspection. If nothing looks amiss, use a multimeter to test each electronic component on the circuit board. Lastly, check the fuse next to the power supply.

Finding the replacement parts you need at Sears PartsDirect

Once you know what parts you need to fix your Denon equipment, locating them is easy with Sears PartsDirect. You can type the model number into the search bar above, or you can use the category listing to find what you need. We have customer service specialists standing by to assist you with any questions or concerns.