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DeLonghi Parts

Delonghi is in the business of making quality air conditioners and dehumidifiers to help regulate the climate in your house, but even well-designed appliances can suffer from malfunctioning parts that require repair. Air conditioners and dehumidifiers have a lot of electronic and mechanical parts that can become stressed out and break from overuse and everyday wear and tear. To help you diagnose what's wrong with your air conditioner or dehumidifier so that you can make the proper repairs, here's a list of some of the more common problems that plague the two appliances.

Common problems for air conditioners and dehumidifiers

  • A very common problem resulting in poor air conditioner performance is a clogged air filter. Clogged filters can reduce your cool air output to zero and damage the compressor from undue stress.
  • A broken thermostat can have a couple different effects on your air conditioner. It can cause it to not run at all or not stop running at the desired temperature.
  • Placing the thermostat too close to a television, a lamp or other devices that put off heat can trick the thermostat into running the air conditioner for too long.
  • Dehumidifiers use an evaporator to cool incoming air so that moisture will condense and turn into liquid. The compressor or fan motor can burn out, requiring replacement.
  • The fan in a dehumidifier blows air through the device. Broken blades, loose wires and other electrical problems can keep the fan from moving air through the dehumidifier.
  • In order to cool the air coming into the evaporator, dehumidifiers require a refrigerant to run. Refrigerant can leak out of a damaged refrigerant line or a loose fitting.

Troubleshooting your faulty dehumidifier

If your dehumidifier won't turn on at all, the first thing to check is the power cord and outlet. Check the cord for damage and to see if it's loose. Next, check the outlet by plugging another electrical device into it. Reset the house circuit breaker for the outlet if it has no power. If the power cord and outlet check out fine, you'll need to open up the unit and make a visual inspection for loose wires or broken components. You can use a multimeter to check electronic components.

If the dehumidifier isn't reaching the desired humidity level, then it could be a problem with the compressor. Bad sensor or loose wires can also prevent the dehumidifier from removing moisture from the air.

Finding replacement Delonghi parts with Sears PartsDirect

Once you've gone through the steps outlined above and figured out what's ailing your Delonghi equipment, finding the replacement parts to make repairs is a snap. You can type the model number of your device into the search engine above to be taken to a listing of the parts available, along with technical diagrams to help you make repairs. If you don't have the model number handy, you can use the category listing above to narrow down your search by product and manufacturer. At Sears PartsDirect, we have customer service professionals ready to answer your questions about Delonghi replacement parts.