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Danby Parts

Residential electric appliances have a life expectancy ranging from eight to 14 years. Whether you have a refrigerator, ice maker, dryer, dishwasher or wine cooler, it's possible to get the most out of your Danby machine by troubleshooting any issues and fixing them.

Troubleshooting tips for Danby appliances

Common problems that affect Danby appliances that you can fix at home include the following:

  • Your dishwasher leaks—If your Danby dishwasher leaks water, a damaged door hinge or broken door seal could be the problem. Fix the issue by replacing the broken component.
  • Your dishwasher makes loud noises when running—While some washing noise, such as the hissing of water flowing through the inlet fill valve, is normal, extremely loud noises could indicate that something is stuck in the chopper blade, or it might emanate from the vibrating of the drain line against the cabinet. You'll have to remove the debris stuck in the chopper blade or secure the drain line to prevent it from vibrating loudly to correct these problems.
  • Water drips from your refrigerator—This could be caused by trapped air in the water dispenser system. Stream a gallon or two of water through the dispenser to get rid of trapped air.
  • Your ice maker runs but doesn't make ice—If the ice maker doesn't make ice, there could be a problem with the control board. You can usually solve this by resetting the control board.
  • Your dryer starts but then stops—This issue is caused by a clogged exhaust vent that causes the dryer to overheat. Restore your Danby dryer by clearing lint from the exhaust vent.

Replace faulty parts to restore your Danby appliance

If the solutions above don't get your Danby appliance back up and running, then it's likely that your machine has malfunctioning parts that need replacement.

  • The pump and motor assembly of your dishwasher—Failure of the motor in the circulation pump may prevent your dishwasher from functioning properly. Turn off the electrical power and water supply to your dishwasher and install a replacement pump and motor assembly. You'll have to carefully remove the spray arms and drain pump to replace the pump and motor assembly.
  • The wine cooler's electrical control board—If the wine cooler doesn't run or it runs but doesn't cool at all, then you may have to replace the electrical control board. If the green light in front of the board isn't working, you’ll often need to replace the control board. Unplug the machine before installing the new control board.
  • The refrigerator door gasket—The door gasket prevents air from entering or leaving the cabinet when the door is shut to protect the Danby refrigerator from excess frosting and cooling problems. Power off the refrigerator before replacing the damaged gasket. Soak the new gasket in warm water to remove any creases and wrinkles.
  • The ice maker cutter grid—If the wires of the cutter grid are broken or don’t heat up, replace the cutter grid entirely. Power off the ice maker and remove any ice in the storage bin; remove the cutter grid cover and replace the malfunctioning cutter grid. Remember to wear work gloves for protection.
  • The dryer drive motor—If the dryer drive motor fails, the drum won’t turn at all. Shut off the power and carefully disassemble the lint screen, cabinet top, drum and front panel to install the new motor.

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