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Comfort-Aire Parts

Comfort-Aire is known for their durable consumer appliances, including their dehumidifiers and room air conditioners. With proper care, these appliances can last for years. If your Comfort-Aire appliance appears to be breaking down, it may just need a replacement part.

Common issues with dehumidifiers

If you've noticed that your dehumidifier is running constantly, there could be a few different reasons why. Consult your owner's manual and make sure that the size of the appliance is appropriate for its coverage area. If it's trying to handle too large a space, it may simply be unable to keep up. However, if this isn't an issue, then the reason is likely a faulty internal part that's putting your dehumidifier on the fritz.

Your dehumidifier relies on a humidity sensor to monitor the humidity level. If the sensor is dirty or faulty, it may not work properly and cause the unit to inadvertently run all the time even if the air is actually at the proper humidity level. There might also be an issue with the compressor. If the compressor is leaking or broken, it won't be able to remove water from the air, and you'll need to replace the broken part to get your dehumidifier running properly.

These are the dehumidifier parts that often need to be repaired or replaced:

  1. Humidity sensor—Also known as the humidistat, the humidity sensor monitors the humidity in the air that passes through the evaporator and activates the compressor when necessary.
  2. Evaporator thermistor—The evaporator thermistor monitors the temperature of the evaporator coils. When the temperature drops too low, it defrosts the evaporator coils so that they don't ice up.
  3. Fan motor—This pulls air through the front of the dehumidifier, passes it through the evaporator coils and pushes the air out through the back past the condenser coils.
  4. Compressor—The compressor circulates a compressed refrigerant gas through a sealed internal system from the condenser coils to the evaporator coils.
  5. Condenser coils—These are a heat exchange system on the back of the dehumidifier. When the refrigerant passes through these coils, it's cooled and condensed and then it passes through the evaporator coils.

Common issues with room air conditioners

If your Comfort-Aire room air conditioner isn't working properly, the best course of action will depend on the symptoms that your unit is exhibiting.

  1. If your unit won't adjust to the correct temperature, you may need to repair or replace the thermostat.
  2. If frost is accumulating on the evaporator fins, you might need to clean the filter. If that doesn't remedy the problem, the coil evaporator thermistor or electronic control board could be bad. A faulty fan or blower may also be the issue, so check to ensure that all fans are working properly.
  3. If water is leaking from the appliance, check to ensure that the drain pan is in position. You should also make sure that the condensate drain tube is secured but note that not all models have this part; some just have a hole for draining water.

Ordering replacement parts for your Comfort-Aire appliance

It's easy to purchase replacement parts through Sears PartsDirect. You can simply enter the model number into the search bar, or you can browse by brand to find the correct part if you don't have the model number available. At Sears PartsDirect, we sell parts that are guaranteed to fit your equipment. Each sale is backed by a great return policy, so you can order components knowing that we stand behind every purchase.