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Coleman Parts

While Coleman is known for producing quality products, they may eventually break down. Fortunately, many of these issues can be easily fixed by repairing or replacing a part.

Top five categories of products that Coleman offers

  1. Air compressors—The company sells a variety of air compressors models, including twin-cylinder and single-cylinder compressors.
  2. Camping equipment—Heaters, lanterns, stoves and coolers are all made by Coleman.
  3. Furnaces—UGAE080CDA, MG9S080C16MP11A, UGAD060CDB and more than 40 other models of furnaces are made by the company.
  4. Outdoor grills—LT30610EB, LT49811S and LG30610EB are just three examples of gas grills made by Coleman.
  5. Pressure washers—The company makes at least four gas pressure washers, including the PW0832005, PW0832000 and PW0832210.

Troubleshooting tips for Coleman products

  • Air compressors—While many air compressor problems can be solved by cleaning the compressor and making sure that it's getting power, other compressor problems require replacement parts. If your compressor is making an unusual noise, you may need to replace the gaskets or bearings. Even properly working air compressors usually work better when the air filter, gaskets and belts are replaced after about 1,000 hours of use.
  • Camping equipment—Preparing a meal on a two- or three-burner Coleman stove is a favorite hobby of many people, but sometimes the burner doesn’t work. A failed regulator or bad valve may be causing the problem. Replace any worn or broken parts on the stove.
  • Furnaces—If your gas furnace is giving you trouble, then consider the age of the furnace as most are designed to last between 16 and 20 years. If it's newer, check the fuses and circuit breakers to ensure they haven't been tripped. If that doesn't solve the problem, then shut off the house circuit breakers to kill power to the furnace and open the control box to make sure that the belt isn't frayed. Replace the belt if it’s worn or damaged.
  • Outdoor grills--It's important to clean the grill after each use. There are some parts like a burner on the grill that are easy to replace. In order to replace a burner, start by making sure that the unit is disconnected from the gas and that all control knobs are in the "off" position. Remove the cooking grates and heat. Next, carefully remove the pins or screws holding the burner in place, and then disconnect the burner from the electrode and remove the burner. Reverse the steps to put the new burner in the old one's place.
  • Pressure washer—While many problems with pressure washers are caused by irregular water pressure, it may also be necessary to occasionally replace the unloader valve. Start by pulling the spark plug wire connected to the engine. Then, remove the old valve using a wrench. Install the new unloader valve on the washer and tighten it in place. Finally, reattach the spark plug wire.

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