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Charmglow Parts

From kerosene heaters to outdoor grills, Charmglow appliances are specifically made with efficiency and durability in mind. However, statistics show that 30 percent or more of appliances can malfunction. Check out some tips to help you troubleshoot your Charmglow product.

Troubleshooting your Charmglow appliances

The following list presents some typical issues you may encounter and how to assess them:

  • Your Charmglow kerosene heater won’t light—Simply fill the tank with kerosene. If the heater had fuel, clear debris from the existing kerosene. Moreover, check the igniter batteries to ensure that they are working.
  • Your heater flicker starts but dies shortly after—This could be caused by the presence of water in the system. Remove any existing water, and trim away the dirty part of the wick.
  • The kerosene heater burns with a smoky flame—This could simply indicate that you need to lower the wick slightly.
  • Your Charmglow outdoor grill burner won’t light—Check the burner tubes for debris such as spider webs. Clear out the debris for improved performance.
  • Your outdoor grill lights, but it is not hot enough—Issues with the gas flow can prevent the grill from getting hot. Simply adjust and align the gas grill components, such as the flavor bars, burner tubes and igniter.

If your Charmglow appliance does not respond to the troubleshooting methods listed above, it may be time to replace malfunctioning parts.

Fix your equipment with these replacement parts

  • Heater igniter—If your Charmglow heater does not start, replace the igniter. Remove the batteries and let the heater cool down before replacing the igniter. Disassemble the ignition coil and install the new igniter.
  • Heater wick—If the heater emits a smoky flame, it could mean that you need to replace the wick. Allow the heater to cool and remove the batteries for safety. Remove the front grill and catalytic converter. Remove the screws from the heater base and replace the wick.
  • Gas grill burner—If the grill does not start, replace the burner. Shut off the gas supply and remove the cooking grate and flame tamer. Remove the existing burner and install a new one.
  • Gas grill igniter electrode—If the igniter electrode doesn’t spark properly, replace it. Shut off the gas supply for safety. Remove the grates and flame tamer, and then install a new igniter electrode.
  • Gas grill ignition module—If the outdoor grill does not light and there is no wiring problem, replace the ignition module. Shut off the gas supply, remove the battery and replace the ignition module.

Get your replacement parts from Sears PartsDirect

Whether you are simply replacing a wick on your kerosene heater or the igniter electrode of your outdoor grill, Sears PartsDirect enables you to find manufacturer-approved replacement parts. Thanks to our extensive list of appliance parts and an easy-to-use interface, repairing and replacing your Charmglow equipment parts is easier than ever. Our customer service representatives are available to address any questions you may have.