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Carrier Parts

Carrier is a company that found its niche in home air quality long ago. Since the original Carrier home and business climate control products were marketed in 1902, the Carrier company has expanded its approach to include advanced technological innovations. Though Carrier has not limited its expertise to home comfort, the company name is most familiar to homeowners as producers of air conditioning units.

Some typical home comfort appliances produced by Carrier

  • Furnace–With the invention of the gas furnace and central home heating, Carrier accepted and marketed the gas furnace concept, making gas heat an acceptable home heating alternative.
  • The heat pump–Carrier was one of the first enterprises to jump on the heat pump wagon. This new technology provides both heating and cooling that benefits the environment as well.
  • One-room air conditioners–While some units are free-standing with a ventilation hose, most room air conditioners are of the window variety.
  • Humidifiers–When the call came for a method to counter the effects of dry air, Carrier marketed the air humidifier. At first, this device was a free-standing tool; then, it became a part of the vent systems to provide humidity throughout a home.
  • Air purifiers–Carrier has enjoyed a considerable market amongst those who suffer from pollen and dust allergies with their air purifying products.

Carrier parts that DIYers can replace

The Carrier products deal with one element—the air. They require frequent filter changes to maintain performance. In addition to filter changes, each of their products have other necessary weak points that require replacement.

  • In Carrier gas furnaces, when large parts like the heat exchanger fail, it may be more economical to purchase a new furnace. However, there are smaller, less costly parts that can be changed out. The most common of these parts is the electric igniter. The metal element in the igniter can burn through, just like the metal in a light bulb, and need to be replaced.
  • The most common heat pump part that needs replacement is the thermostat. The thermostat calls for the heat pump to warm or cool the home.
  • With the one-room air conditioner, the part that needs repair or replacement the most often is the capacitor.
  • The principal part of a humidifier that needs replacement is the water panel. The water panel condenses water from passing air, creating the humidity necessary for the humidifier to work.
  • Carrier air purifiers can be maintained by periodically replacing the filters. The part that is most subject to replacement, other than the filters, is the electric motor.

Ordering replacement parts for Carrier products

Carrier product replacement parts are available through us at Sears PartsDirect. Our site offers a direct line to thousands of Carrier product parts. Log on, select your Carrier product and look through the diagram for the part you need. An owner’s manual for your product is often available on our site.