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Are you having issues with your Amana fridge or dryer? Don't wait too long to address problems if your Amana appliance is having issues. Often, small problems can grow into something much bigger which could be avoided by replacing parts to repair the issue.

Amana troubleshooting basics

Freestanding freezers—If your Amana freezer stops working, the issue may be the compressor. Use a multimeter to test the pins on the compressor. If there's an open circuit, you'll need to replace the compressor. The issue may also be the start relay.

Dryers—If your Amana dryer won't rotate but the motor still runs, you may need to replace the belt. This will be installed around the drum and onto the tensioner assembly.

DIY tricks you can try on your Amana refrigerator

Your fridge is probably the most frequently used appliance in your home. With regular maintenance, your refrigerator should last more than 10 years before it needs to be replaced. Modern fridges are comprised of a lot of mechanical and electrical parts, so there are issues that can arise from time to time. Two common signs your fridge needs attention are that it's not getting as cool as it should and that it's having cycling issues that cause the fridge to run at all times.

Many fridge issues can be solved via simple DIY methods such as the following:

  • Look at the power cord—Make sure the power cord is properly connected to both the wall and the unit itself. Unplug the power cord before checking its connection to the refrigerator. This simple issue is something many people overlook before they call a repair technician.
  • Check the thermostat—The thermostat knob can get bumped when you're loading and unloading items from the fridge. Make sure it's not set too high or too low as this could be the source of temperature problems in both the refrigerator and the freezer.
  • Inspect the supply line—Plug or replace the water supply line if water is escaping. This is the most common cause of leaks under and around your refrigerator.
  • Grab a level—An uneven fridge is another common cause of water puddling around the appliance.
  • Check for broken parts—If these simple tricks aren't effective, you may need to replace a broken part within your Amana refrigerator.

Here just a few of the parts that can cause issues in a fridge:

  1. Drain hose—If the drain hose is twisted or blocked, debris and condensation will gather, causing the hose to overflow and leak. Remove the bottom cover panel before you unplug the drain tube, and then simply remove it and fasten the replacement tube tightly. Make sure any ice that has accumulated in the evaporator drain pan is melted when you replace the drain hose.
  2. Condenser fan motor—The condenser fan is located next to the compressor and is partly responsible for the constant buzzing noise your appliance makes. To replace it, unscrew the mounting screws and unplug the connecting wires. Unplug the refrigerator before replacing any fan motor or electrical part.
  3. Evaporator fan motor—The evaporator fan motor circulates cooling air in the freezer and refrigerator. The method of replacement is similar to the condenser motor.
  4. Inlet valve—A loose water tube connection or malfunctioning inlet valve is a common cause of leaking from the water supply. You'll need a wrench and a screwdriver to replace the valve and properly tighten the water tube connections.

Sears PartsDirect has the Amana parts you need

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with the large number of working parts in the appliance. Contact Sears PartsDirect when you need new parts. We strive to provide our customers with high-quality replacement parts as well as great service.