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Riding mowers are ideal for managing large, multi-acre open spaces that need frequent cutting. When your lawn tractor develops a fuel leak, it presents a hazard in addition to potentially disabling the mower. Use Yard Pro riding mower and tractor parts to repair the leak and get back out before the grass gets too tall.

Replace the Carburetor

Before gasoline can be used in the engine's combustion cylinders, it must first be mixed with outside air inside the carburetor. If the seals on the carburetor have receded or cracked, a potentially hazardous leak can develop that drains fuel and prevents the motor from starting. Carburetors are difficult riding mower parts to repair and generally require replacement instead.

Replace the Head Gasket

A defective or damaged head gasket can under-pressurize the fuel line and prevent gasoline from flowing freely to the motor. Professional lawn tractor repair help may be necessary to repair a blown head gasket, though it may also be removed and replaced with a new component instead.

Inspect the Fuel Line

Riding mowers have fuel lines to carry gasoline from the tank to the motor. These lines can sometimes come loose, which causes a gas spill, or they can develop faults with age, which can cause a leak in the line and deprive the engine of fuel. Replace your mower's fuel line if it appears brittle or unable to hold a seal.

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