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Your Wizard riding mower or tractor is a vital piece of gardening equipment that helps your lawn be the pride of the neighborhood. If you should notice your mower running a bit rough, there's no need to despair. Follow these troubleshooting tips to get it back into working condition quickly.

Give Your Engine a Tune-up

A riding mower's engine needs regular tune-ups to keep it in good condition. This is especially true if you live in a part of the country where mowers have to be taken inside for several months at a time. Start the growing season out right by ordering the riding mower parts you need and tuning up your engine. Your tune-up should include replacing the air filter, spark plug, oil filter, fuel filter and oil. Also take a look at the battery, ignition and throttle to spot any potential problems before they start.

Check the Carburetor

Your mower's carburetor is responsible for balancing the mixture of air and gasoline in the mower's engine. If it's off-kilter in any way, it can cause the mower to run roughly or have problems starting. You can buy carburetor rebuild kits, but you may want to seek out lawn tractor repair help to determine whether you should replace the carburetor completely.

Replace the Head Gasket

A faulty head gasket can cause problems in your mower. If you're experiencing issues with low compression, the head gasket could be responsible. This is a tricky part to replace, since the operation involves removing the cylinder head and cleaning the surfaces.

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