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For years, families have relied on the convenience of White-Westinghouse washing machines to keep clothes fresh and clean. However, these useful tools are complex and problems tend to arise after time. If your washing machine isn't draining or filling as it should, use the right replacement parts to make the fix and prevent escalating issues.

Test or Replace the Lid Switch

There are many washer parts that may be causing the machine to not fill or drain properly, but you might want to start by checking the lid switch, as it is typically easy to access and affordable to replace. Test the switch by carefully engaging it manually and turning the unit on; make sure to keep your hands out of the drum when attempting this.

Install a New Control Board

The electronic control board or mother board acts as the brain of the unit by timing and executing its main functions. Filling and draining inconsistently is a symptom of a malfunctioning control board. For more washer repair help with the electronic control board, check out the customer support at Sears PartsDirect.

Replace or Repair the Drain Pump

If the machine produces a constant whirring or humming noise when it's trying to get rid of water, there may be a problem with the drain pump. Start by inspecting the pump for any debris and checking the seals for wear. Drain pumps are equipped with bearings that can freeze and spinning blades that can break; replace the entire assembly if necessary.

Forget about expensive cleaner fees; let Sears PartsDirect help you save money by getting that broken machine back in action quickly and affordably. Just choose your model from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698.