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Your White-Westinghouse dishwasher is a key player in your kitchen, helping you stay ahead of cleanup chores so your kitchen is always ready for use. However, if your dishwasher refuses to fill with water, it's not doing you much good. To handle the rare occasions when this occurs, take a look at this list of troubleshooting tips.

Check the Overfill Float

If an object is blocking your dishwasher's overfill float and keeping it from moving freely, the result is a dishwasher that doesn't fill with water. Remove the overfill float from its stuck position. Even if the float is working correctly, the micro-switch inside the float may be broken. When this happens, the switch tells the dishwasher not to let more water into the tub. Check the float and switch, and if necessary, choose a new switch from a list of dishwasher parts.

Inspect the Water Inlet Valve

When the water inlet valve in your dishwasher opens, water is able to flow into the tub. If it only opens partway, water can enter the tub, but typically not enough to complete a full load of dishes and get them all clean. You may be able to diagnose this latter fault by listening for the sound of a noisy pump trying to work. If you have problems with filling the tub, check this valve and replace it if necessary.

Check the Water Inlet Assembly

One last bit of dishwasher repair for a tank that doesn't fill involves the water inlet assembly. This part includes the vent that releases the water into the tub. If this vent or the hose connecting to it become clogged, replace the water inlet assembly.

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