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Modern gas and electric dryers get clothes dry much faster than air-drying on a clothesline, but finding wet clothes in the dryer at the end of a cycle may be a sign that any of several components of your dryer have malfunctioned. Replace worn or damaged parts with new White-Westinghouse dryer parts to fix the problem.

Check the Timer

Dryers pass through several stages during the drying cycle. If your clothes are still wet at the end of that cycle, the timer may have malfunctioned and signaled that your clothes were ready before the stages were complete. Timers, which ensure that each stage runs long enough to thoroughly dry your clothes, are commonly replaced dryer repair parts.

Examine the Thermostat

An often overlooked step in dryer troubleshooting is the inspection and, if necessary, replacement of the dryer's thermostat. The thermostat monitors the internal temperature of the dryer to ensure it doesn't get too hot or leave clothes cold and wet. When it malfunctions, either can occur, making it important to quickly diagnose and fix damaged thermostats.

Diagnose the Electronic Control Board

Modern dryers have electronic control boards to govern their switching cycles and other functions. These boards are packed with wires and sensitive electronics that are vulnerable to shorts. Visually inspect the board, looking for burns or clear signs of damage to the components, and take the item in for professional testing once other likely causes have been eliminated.

Sears PartsDirect offers a wide selection of White-Westinghouse dryer parts to keep your clothes coming out warm and dry. To find the parts your dryer needs, choose your model from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698.