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Whirlpool wall ovens are a mainstay in home kitchens, helping bake savory meals and sweet treats alike. Common issues that arise with Whirlpool wall ovens include a door that becomes stuck and doesn't unlock, improper baking temperatures and ovens that fail to work at all.

Inspect the Control Board Wiring

Many Whirlpool wall oven parts connect to the unit's control board, including the thermostat and door lock assembly. If a door refuses to open, cutting the power to the oven and inspecting the wiring for breaks or short circuits may divulge the problem. Replacing these wires allows the control board to confirm that the oven door may open safely. If the wires look safe and secure, the door lock assembly may require replacement.

Check Electrical Components

An oven that fails to work is likely experiencing an electrical error. Verify that the oven is connected to the proper outlet and that the circuit breaker for the outlet hasn't tripped. If the oven should otherwise receive power, then the thermal limit switch may have tripped. Reset this by removing the back panel of the wall oven and pressing the reset button. If these wall oven repair tricks don't solve the problem, it may be time to replace the control board in the oven.

Test the Thermostat

Test the thermostat by setting it to a specific temperature and baking an oven-safe thermometer until the oven stops heating. The wall oven parts that govern temperature control are the thermostat and the temperature sensor, and the oven may fail to heat correctly and not maintain the right temperature if either of these requires replacement.

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