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Dryers effortlessly turn loads of wet laundry into piles of dry, warm clothes ready to be worn. However, sometimes dryers do not get hot enough or stay hot consistently during use, leaving clothes damp and cool. For hot, clean clothes every time, try out these simple maintenance and troubleshooting tips.

Check the Vent

Check the vent pipe for clots, kinks and dents. Clean out any buildup, and, if possible, correct any damage to the pipe itself. If necessary, seek out the appropriate dryer repair parts to fix the vent. Examine the external vent damper and hood to ensure the flap opens when required and there is no additional buildup on external parts.

Clean the Lint Trap

Before and after each use, check the lint trap and clean out the filter if there is any lint buildup. Less buildup lets the appliance run more smoothly and reduces the risk of fire. Use a soft brush in the interior of the lint trap while the filter is removed to clean out additional lint and debris.

Use Smaller Loads

During dryer troubleshooting to find the reason for damp clothes, try running a smaller load. An overlarge load can put strain on a dryer and cause it to not dry as efficiently. Loads with excess water can also come out damp even when nothing else is wrong. Highly absorbent or heavy items, such as towels and jeans, should be dried in smaller loads.

Sears PartsDirect offers a wide range of parts to help homeowners keep their dryers in prime condition. To complete your DIY project and find the right part, choose your model from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698.