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Homes and businesses alike often have yards that need trimming. Walk-behind mowers are able to handle small to medium-sized lawns, but if they don't run well, cutting the grass can become difficult or impossible. Use Western Tool walk-behind lawn mower parts to keep your mower working at its peak efficiency.

Tune Up the Motor

A simple tune up is often enough to get all of your lawn mower parts working together smoothly. If a lawnmower runs too long without a tune-up, the fluids it needs for efficient operation may congeal or run out. Change the oil, check the spark plugs, and sharpen the blade to get better performance out of your mower.

Check the Carburetor

Lawn mowers use gas-powered motors to drive their blades, and sometimes their wheels, at high power. This gasoline must be mixed with air inside the carburetor prior to burning. If the fuel is not being properly mixed with air, the engine runs rough and sputters. It may stop entirely, requiring expert lawn mower repair help to remove and replace a clogged or damaged carburetor.

Replace the Filters

Lawn mowers depend on oil and air filters to screen impurities and prevent clogging of vital systems by the airborne matter they kick up. Clogged air filters block air flow to the carburetor and may cause sudden stops, while oil filters help keep oil flowing evenly over moving parts, preventing the overheating that can cause an engine to suddenly seize.

Sears PartsDirect offers a large selection of Western Tool walk-behind lawn mower parts to keep your mower running smoothly. For further help and to view available maintenance parts, choose your model from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698.