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Western Auto Tiller Parts

We carry replacement parts, repair parts and accessories for 5 Western Auto Tiller models


Model 3332A79 (85 parts)

Gas, Rear tine tiller


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Model 3355A79 (105 parts)

Gas, Rear tine tiller


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Model 3352A79 (89 parts)

Gas, Rear tine tiller


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Model 3487A79 (163 parts)

Gas, Rear tine tiller


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Model 3455A79 (165 parts)

Gas, Rear tine tiller


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High-quality Western Auto tillers plunge deep into the ground to dig up nutrients and make soil soft for planting saplings, seedlings or seeds. These tillers rely on heavy-duty engines to power sturdy tines through the earth. Common problems associated with such powerful engines include failure to easily start, rough operation or misfiring and leaking oil or fuel.

Inspect the Carburetor

Some Western Auto tiller parts are crucial to the operation of the unit, and the carburetor allows the engine to function properly. A damaged carburetor, or one clogged with soil and loose grass seeds, may cause misfires or not allow the correct air-fuel mixture for the engine to operate. Cleaning the carburetor of foreign contaminants may improve engine efficiency. Worn carburetor parts require replacement, and users may choose to replace rather than rebuild this essential component.

Maintain the Engine

Regular engine maintenance can help reduce the need for tiller troubleshooting. This includes keeping important moving parts lubricated and clear of built-up soil and dust. Tune up the engine by replacing the oil and air filter regularly, and inspect the spark plugs for signs of corrosion or fouling that may indicate the need to replace these and clean the plug chambers.

Replace Leaky Components

If oil begins leaking from the tiller during regular operation or while it sits between uses, try to follow it back to the source of the leak. Oil leaks commonly appear in seals or gaskets, and replacing these with quality tiller repair parts can solve the problem. Fuel leaks typically come from blocked or cracked fuel lines, which require cleaning and potentially replacement if they show signs of wear or breakage.

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