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Wap International Vacuum Parts

We carry replacement parts, repair parts and accessories for 5 Wap International Vacuum models

Model SQ10GALLON (57 parts)


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Model AERO440 (43 parts)


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Model 62253 (43 parts)


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Model 62313 (43 parts)


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Model AERO840A (43 parts)


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Vacuums from WAP International have high-powered suction motors that efficiently clean homes and businesses. These vacuums may occasionally stop working due to a tripped overload circuit, which may indicate a problem with the suction motor.

Press the Reset Button

Many vacuums feature a reset button that allows users to override the overload circuit and restore the appliance to regular operation. Pressing the button restores the circuit, but allow the vacuum time to cool if it feels hot. Overheating trips the circuit and helps prevent further damage to the suction motor, and running a hot vacuum may create potentially hazardous operating conditions.

Check for Blown Outlet Fuses

If the overload circuit trips without obvious overheating, vacuum parts may not lie at the core of the issue. Check the power outlet connection to ensure no fuses tripped. Restoring the home fuse to normal operation allows a vacuum tripped by a power spike or surge to continue working on that outlet. You may still need to press the vacuum overload reset button after correcting any outlet issues.

Replace the Suction Motor

A vacuum that overheats and trips its overload circuit regularly may need the suction motor replacing. Internal motor components can wear down over time with frequent and heavy usage, and failure to properly maintain the vacuum and keep beater bars or tubes clean may further stress the suction motor. Users familiar with vacuum repair help methods and tools may replace the motor at home to help prevent the issue from arising again.

Find parts to restore WAP International vacuums to working order and prevent tripped overload circuits or overheating. Choose your model from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698.


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