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Walton Treadmill Parts

We carry replacement parts, repair parts and accessories for 7 Walton Treadmill models

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Model 699SR-MOTORIZED TREADMILL (48 parts)


Model HEALTH-TRAC 5000 (96 parts)


Model 674LE (64 parts)


Model PJX9000-MOTORIZED TREADMILL (92 parts)


Model 677LE (100 parts)


Model 617 CARROUSEI JOGGER (33 parts)


Model 677 (96 parts)


Walton treadmills offer users the ability to run and jog indoors and avoid inclement weather outdoors. These vintage exercise machines use a series of mechanical components to deliver the workout people need in the comfort of their own homes.

Strong Pulleys

Treadmills from Walton rely on internal motors and a series of connected treadmill parts to give users the ability to run at potentially high speeds indoors. Strong pulleys move the platform of the machine, allowing exercisers to move at the desired pace. These pulleys keep the platform moving at exactly the speed set by the users, and Sears PartsDirect carries replacement pulleys designed to deliver accurate speeds and plenty of power for regular use.

Efficient Flywheels

The vintage treadmills originally manufactured by Walton also rely on efficient flywheels to keep the system running and the platform spinning at just the right rate. These integral treadmill accessories help prevent accidental stops or acceleration that moves too quickly for exercisers to keep up, providing an important safety feature for regular treadmill users. Owners of these vintage systems can turn to Sears PartsDirect for replacement flywheels that deliver the same safe and simple operation as that found on original Walton systems.


Walton treadmills deliver smooth motion free of jerks and snags thanks to integrated bearings. These components, located in the treadmill's base, help keep the other components moving properly and in the correct alignment during regular operation. Sears PartsDirect also carries bearings free of pits, allowing users to restore vintage treadmills to smooth operation.

Sears PartsDirect provides shoppers with many parts that can keep vintage Walton treadmills running at their best. These include durable pulleys, strong flywheels and smooth bearings. To find the right parts for your treadmill, choose your model from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698.