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Dryer Universal/Multiflex (Frigidaire)

Universal/Multiflex (Frigidaire) Dryer Parts

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The simple convenience of a gas or electric dryer is beloved by both commercial enterprises and private residences alike, but frequent clinks and clangs may be irritating for family, guests and customers. If the whole neighborhood can hear when your dryer is running, turn to Sears PartsDirect to find the right Universal/Multiflex (Frigidaire) dryer replacement parts.

Replace the Blower Fan Blade

If your dryer tends to rattle or bang abruptly, inspect the blower fan blade for damage. The fan blade circulates air through the machine by spinning very rapidly, and if there are chips missing from the fins or pieces within the housing, there's a good chance that's where the noise is coming from. Replace the fan and any other damaged pieces with approved Frigidaire dryer repair parts to keep your machine running smooth.

Inspect and Adjust Drum Support Rollers

If the machine is making a consistent whirring noise or if the drum is noticeably misaligned, check the support rollers for wear and replace them if needed. For a quick fix, you may be able to adjust the fasteners or repair the shaft if the rubber wheel isn't worn. If you can't find any noticeable damage on the drum or support rollers, continue reading for more dryer troubleshooting tips.

Install a New Idler Puller

If your dryer is making a steady squeaking noise, you may need to replace the idler pulley arm. The idler pulley produces the right amount of tension between the belt, motor and drum, and if it's worn down, the belt will either slide or not engage properly, causing squeals and possibly drum malfunction.

Sears PartsDirect makes repairs easy with tons of information and affordable parts right at your fingertips. Finding the exact part for your machine is easy, just choose your model from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698.