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Dishwasher Universal/Multiflex (Frigidaire)

Universal/Multiflex (Frigidaire) Dishwasher Parts

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A well-maintained automatic dishwasher gets dishes clean without the tedious chore of washing each piece by hand. This is convenient for homes and essential for busy restaurants. When dishes aren't getting as clean as they should, Universal/Multiflex (Frigidaire) parts can help you get your dishwasher back up to full efficiency.

Clear the Water Inlet Valve

One of the key dishwasher parts is the water inlet valve, which opens and closes to allow water to flow into the dishwasher's main compartment. If this valve gets clogged with food waste, water cannot efficiently flow onto the dishes. This usually results in dirty or only partly cleaned dishes at the end of a cycle.

Replace the Detergent Dispenser

Automatic dishwashers dispense detergent from a built-in hopper that can become clogged or jammed. When this happens, items in the dishwasher may be rinsed, but they are often still dirty even after multiple wash cycles. A common dishwasher repair, replacing this dispenser restores the flow of cleaning agent to the dishes and ensures a thorough cleaning.

Check the Pump Assembly

The dishwasher pump assembly provides the necessary water pressure to scour dishes clean. Unfortunately, this pump can become clogged or damaged by loose glass or washed-away food particles. A damaged pump is often noisy and may produce only a thin stream of water due to low internal pressure. Damage may also occur along the pump's seals, which causes the assembly to leak.

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