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From shopping center green spaces to sprawling multi-acre estates, lush, beautiful lawns are easily maintained with long-lasting Toro mowers and turf equipment. Common riding mower problems such as uneven cutting patterns and power loss can be prevented with regular maintenance. Use the right Toro tractor parts and the tips below to keep your Toro mower operating in tip-top condition.

Replace the Mower Blade

A dull or bent mower blade interferes with a mower's ability to cut grass. Streaks, patches and other abnormal cutting patterns are usually the sign of an overworked blade. In some cases, sharpening the blade prolongs its usefulness. To keep your Toro cutting with factory-like precision, replace the blade at least once each mowing season.

Inspect the Carburetor

Carburetor problems often contribute to gas leaks, sputtering and an overall loss of power in lawn tractors. Each spring, examine the carburetor seals and gaskets for noticeable leaks, and check the inlets and outlets for gasoline build-up or varnish. Inspect jets and other openings for clogs or visible damage. Carburetor rebuild kits contain all the riding mower parts needed to clean and rebuild a clogged, dirty or damaged carburetor so your Toro stays at peak performance levels.

Tune-Up the Motor

An annual tune-up keeps an engine in prime condition. Fresh oil, new spark plugs and new filters provide a boost in power, while cleaning out the cooling fins prevents engine damage caused by overworked parts. You should also inspect the throttle and choke controls, the battery and the ignition system with every tune-up. Lawn tractor repair help guides are available for most procedures, including changing spark plugs and replacing the fuel filter.

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