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Temco Furnace Parts

We carry replacement parts, repair parts and accessories for 3 Temco Furnace models

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Model GVF50-4S (131 parts)



Keeping you warm during the brutal cold months, a furnace is vitally important to every home. Perhaps the appliance that you need in running condition all of the time, your Temco furnace is reliable and efficient all year long. When your unit does require maintenance or repair, turn to Sears PartsDirect for all of your repair needs.

Easy Troubleshooting

When a furnace fails to work, it may be a daunting task to try and diagnose the problem. Sears PartsDirect is there to help with provided manuals, schematics and drawings to help you to diagnose problems, and match the correct part to your model. With finding furnace parts made easy, ordering and troubleshooting is a breeze.

Furnace Maintenance

The most important appliance in your home also needs regular maintenance to keep your home warm and comfortable. In addition to any outside services, furnace filters should be replaced annually. To prevent dust and debris from getting inside of the unit, consider a furnace cover, especially if your basement is damp and dusty.

Correct, Reliable Shipping

A furnace in disrepair can be a real emergency, especially in the midst of freezing temperatures. Luckily, Sears PartsDirect has fulfilment warehouses situated throughout the country to get you the correct part as quickly as possible. Approved by Temco, Sears PartsDirect replacement parts are always a guaranteed fit.

When you need it the most, Sears PartsDirect is there with all of your needed Temco furnace parts. Look for parts such as thermostats, bushings, nuts and screws to keep your furnace in its best condition all year round. To browse parts, simply choose your model from the list above, click the live chat button or call Sears PartsDirect at 1-800-252-1698.