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Tappan dryers tumble clothes thoroughly to help smooth wrinkles and distribute heat evenly. Clothes that come out still damp after a load in the dryer may indicate problems with heat distribution or timing in the unit.

Clear Away Lint and Debris

Tappan dryers feature lint traps that help stop much of the debris from entering the exhaust hose, but smaller particles can still get through. Clean the lint traps and exhaust hose regularly to help ensure efficient operation of your dryer. Modern dryers circulate air for greater efficiency, and anything that blocks this circulation slows the drying process.

Check for Heat

A dryer that tumbles clothes but fails to heat them enough on warm or hot settings takes far longer to complete the drying process. Some replaceable dryer repair parts can help restore heat to the unit. These include the thermostat, which monitors heat in the dryer to ensure proper temperatures, and the dryer heating element, which delivers the heat used to dry clothes.

Replace the Timer

If, in the course of dryer troubleshooting, you may discover that the airflow and heating both operate properly. If so, the problem may lie in the timer system on the dryer. Modern dryers have a timer dial or digital interface that allows them to run for a specific period. If the timer fails, the dryer may no longer run for the selected amount of time. This means that clothes may not receive the full benefits of a trip through the dryer. Replacing the timer or the integrated circuit board can help fix these issues.

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