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Keeping your gas or electric cooktop working properly is as important to an amateur chef as it is to a professional. When your stove stops sparking, or fails to ignite altogether, it is necessary to isolate the source of the problem and replace malfunctioning components with new Tappan cooktop parts.

Check the Spark Module

Misfiring of the spark module is a common source of trouble for gas ranges. Spills can sometimes coat the surface of the module, or it can be bent out of place by minor impacts. Gas cooktop troubleshooting should always begin with a visual inspection of the spark module and a test of its operation.

Inspect the Power Cord

Power cords can operate trouble free for years, only to develop an intermittent short when their insulation cracks with age and admits moisture to the wires within. When checking the power cord, make sure it has no visible cracks on its surface, and that the cord is still loose and pliable when bent. If any wires are exposed, unplug the stove and replace the cord.

Isolate the Pressure Regulator

The pressure regulator is one of the most important cooktop parts in a gas range. This module regulates the pressure of the gas as it is fed to the burner. If the flow through the regulator is too low, the burner may not ignite at all, while a too-high gas flow can cause the flame to go out during normal operation.

Sears PartsDirect has everything you need to keep your gas or electric range in good working order. To find the right Tappan cooktop parts for your kitchen, choose from the list of models below, click to chat or call 1-800-252-1698.