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Sunshine walk-behind lawn mowers offer fast and consistent results for simple lawn maintenance. Over time, a variety of issues may arise that lead to poor idling, vibration, smoking or erratic behavior. A lawn mower that doesn't run well may deliver inconsistent cutting and even pose a hazard to users.

Inspect the Battery

Sunshine walk-behind lawn mowers rely on a large battery to provide power to key systems. Check the battery for obvious signs of wear or corrosion, and replace it if these appear. Batteries left in lawn mowers during long winter seasons may lose charge over time. Charge the battery overnight, and check to see if it delivers improved performance the next day. A battery that fails to hold charge may require replacement.

Perform an Engine Tune-Up

Engine tune-ups include many of the most important regular maintenance duties that can keep lawn mowers running well. Replace key lawn mower parts, including the air and oil filters during tune-ups, and inspect seals in the engine to ensure no leakage occurs. Spark plugs may require replacement if they appear fouled or damaged. The engine tune-up provides an opportunity to inspect fuel lines and related parts.

Replace the Carburetor

Excessive vibration and poor idling may indicate an improper air-to-fuel mixture ratio. Gas engines require a combination of air, fuel and a spark to operate properly. When performing lawn mower repair help and troubleshooting operations on a machine that doesn't run well, users often can save time and money by replacing a carburetor that fails to deliver air and fuel efficiently instead of rebuilding it with a kit. Replacing the unit outright helps eliminate the carburetor as a potential cause of these issues.

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