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Sunpentown Room Air Conditioner Parts

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Model WA-1310E (1 parts)


Sunpentown room air conditioners give you the freedom to control the temperature of your home or office. These powerful units are compact, but can cover whole rooms, depending on the size and power of the model. Many models have partial self-evaporation features, which keep moisture from building on the floor or area around the unit. Some include dehumidifying features that help improve air quality.


Sunpentown air conditioners have compact designs that feature few or no air conditioner parts that stick out or create an awkward shape. This makes the units easy to fit in corners or small spaces, and the lightweight, small design makes it easy to transport them between rooms. Take advantage of this by bringing the AC with you instead of dealing with uncomfortable heat in other areas.

Digital Controls

Many SPT models feature digital controls and screens that give you precise, accurate control over how the unit operates. Smooth buttons and screens are easy to wipe clean of dust, dirt or spills, and the digital screen is easy to read, so you can choose settings and temperatures with confidence.

Built-in Air Filtration

These air conditioners typically include a built-in air filtration system that removes dust, debris and allergens from the air as it moves through the device. While some filters can be cleaned, others need replacement. Sears PartsDirect has a number of replacement filters for air conditioners if your model's filter requires replacement.

Sunpentown room air conditioners are a convenient, compact option to keep you comfortable during hot summer months, and can last years with proper repairs and maintenance. To find the parts you need for your next repair, choose your model from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698.