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Using a riding mower is a convenient way to cut the time you spend cutting the grass. When the mower won't start, however, it's important to make sure you have the right Stanley tractor parts for the repair. Use these repair and troubleshooting steps to determine the problem and find the right fix.

Test the Battery

When your riding mower doesn't respond to a start command or when the engine chugs as if it's trying to start but won't turn over, you may have a weak battery. Batteries provide initial power to the other riding mower parts to get them started. The battery then recharges during operation to be ready for the next use. If the battery can no longer hold a charge, have it tested and replaced if necessary.

Inspect the Carburetor

Another reason for a reluctant start may be an over-enriched fuel mixture. The lawn tractor's carburetor mixes air with fuel from the tank prior to burning in the cylinders. If the carburetor has flooded or if it has developed a structural fault, part of your lawn tractor repair help is to either have it rebuilt or replaced.

Replace the Air Filter

If the fuel/air mixture is to blame for the trouble but the carburetor isn't, it's possible the air filter needs replacing. This filter rests on top of the carburetor and filters incoming air prior to mixing. If it's clogged, damaged or dirty, the flow of air may be restricted, impairing the efficiency of the mixing process.

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