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Repairing a lawn mower using Southern States walk-behind lawn mower parts helps get the mower working properly for home or business landscaping needs. A common issue affecting a lawn mower revolves around the mower not running smoothly or efficiently.

Tune up the Mower

When a lawn mower runs hard or inefficiently, the mower may require a tune-up, which does not mean replacing many lawn mower parts but does require replacing the air filter, changing the oil and replacing spark plugs. Sharpening the blade also helps the lawn mower run more efficiently.

Replace the Blade

A lawn mower that vibrates excessively may need a blade replacement. Excessive vibration is the result of a damaged blade, a loose blade, an improperly installed and an imbalanced blade. Seeking lawn mower repair help can provide valuable assistance to users who must replace the blade. In some cases, to reduce vibration, it is important to ensure the mounting bolts on the engine are tightly secured.

Replace the Air Filter, Spark Plugs or Oil

Lawn mowers that run erratically, produce smoke, idle poorly or cut out typically require replacement of the air filter, new spark plugs or more oil. Additionally, the lawn mower may run erratically as a result of problems with the engine or the fuel system. Changing out a clogged carburetor to allow air and fuel to mix appropriately or replacing a dead battery can allow the lawn mower to work properly.

Sears PartsDirect has a diverse inventory of lawn mower parts that help get the mower running properly for your landscaping needs. For a list of available parts or for additional assistance, choose the model from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698.