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Snapper walk-behind lawn mowers power through tall weeds and grasses to simplify landscaping tasks. These powerful machines may start to vibrate over time, and the vibration may make it uncomfortable to operate walk-behind mowers or indicate serious problems with certain components.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Snapper lawn mowers require regular maintenance to remain in peak operating condition. This maintenance includes changing the oil and air filter in the unit. Inspect the spark plugs to determine if they are fouled or require replacement due to improper firing, which may cause excessive vibration. Lubricating engine parts may also help reduce vibration.

Inspect the Lawn Mower Blade

The lawn mower blade may bend or become loose during regular operation as it powers through tough terrain. Disconnect the battery and inspect the blade to determine if it no longer balances correctly or shows signs of excessive wear. Replace blades with quality lawn mower parts or straighten and sharpen them to help the system maintain balance and reduce overall vibration. Blades that are installed incorrectly or fit loosely on their spindles may also cause vibration and require repair.

Tighten the Engine Mounting Bolts

If regular lawn mower repair help and maintenance fails to solve the problem, the engine may be at fault. The regular vibration of running over hills and grassy areas can shake loose key components, including mounting bolts that hold the engine securely in place. Inspect the bolts at the point where the engine and frame connect. Tighten loose bolts to help prevent vibration from the engine when it runs. Also tighten the bolts on the handle for self-propelled lawn mowers and the bolts that hold engine components in place.

Sears PartsDirect sells walk-behind lawn mower parts for Snapper products that can help correct many vibration issues. Choose your model from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698.