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Snapper Chainsaw Parts

We carry replacement parts, repair parts and accessories for 2 Snapper Chainsaw models

Model S1838LE (94 parts)



Model S1634LE (94 parts)



Snapper chainsaws are reliable tools that help homeowners complete projects and maintain their property season after season. If your trusty saw doesn't start up when you pull it out of the garage this season, try these troubleshooting tips before you budget for a new model. Some timely maintenance using genuine replacement parts from Sears PartsDirect may breathe new life into your favorite chainsaw.

Replace the Gasoline

Water in the gas tank can prevent the engine from firing. If your Snapper chainsaw has been in storage for the past several months or if it has been exposed to the elements, swapping out the old gasoline for a fresh tank may be all that is needed to fire up the engine. Remember that moving the chainsaw in and out of different environmental conditions, such as bright sunlight to shade, can create condensation that contaminates the fuel supply.

Check the Spark Plug

The chainsaw can't operate without a functioning spark plug. If the engine fails to start, remove the spark plug, and check for deposits on the electrodes. Fortunately, spark plugs are some of the easiest chainsaw repair parts to find and replace. Obtain a new spark plug for your saw before you take alternative steps that may incur greater expense.

Test the Air Compression

While you have the spark plug pulled out, check the chainsaw for adequate compression. When you pull the starter cord, air should rush out of the spark plug cylinder. Check for airflow using your thumb or a compression gauge. If no air is flowing, you may need expert chainsaw repair help to replace the saw's piston rings.

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