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Simplicity riding mowers and tractors take care of larger lawns without taking it out of your back and legs the way a standard push mower can. Caring for your lawn includes keeping an eye on your riding mower to ensure all parts are working correctly. One of the main causes of troubles with mowers and tractors are leaks that go unnoticed and rough-running engines. A few minutes of time can save you tedious repairs.

Seasonal Tune Ups

Tuning up your machine every year and replacing riding mower parts as needed can keep fluid leaks such as oil and gas from happening, thereby extending the life of your riding mower. While installing new spark plugs and changing the oil and filters, you can check for leaks that you wouldn't otherwise notice.

Check the Head Gasket

Inspect the head gasket, and make sure all cylinders are sealed and firing. Leaking from the head gasket can cause issues that range from a rough idling engine to complete breakdown with need for a replacement if the head gasket blows.

Examine the Carburetor

After checking the head gasket and completing your tune up, examine the carburetor assembly for worn parts or leaks. Damage to the carburetor can cause stalls and rough operation, and it may need to be repaired, rebuilt or replaced. The best option to take depends upon the damage or wear, and you might want to contact an expert in lawn tractor repair help.

Sears PartsDirect features an extensive selection of tools and parts for maintaining your Simplicity riding mower or tractor so that you can tend to your lawn season after season. For assistance in troubleshooting or repair, choose your model from the list above, click the chat button or call 1-800-252-1698.